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Octane 1.02-1.05

Список изменений в версиях 1.02-1.05

OctaneRender™ Standalone v1.02
This release fixes some issues with the previous release.

Changes since 1.01:
  • Improved efficiency of post processing, making it much faster and eliminating funny noises coming from the power supply.
  • Fixed reloading of floatimages.
  • Tweaked new daylight system.

OctaneRender™ Standalone v1.03 (obsolete)
This release contains mainly bug fixes and small improvements towards a stable 1.1.

We have added a preference to disable the usage of OpenGL for displaying the rendered image. This may work slightly slower but should work better on some systems where using OpenGL causes problems. I.e. if you experience issues with the OpenGL display, try the "software" viewport mode.

This release supports Geforce 2xx and older cards, however the shadow catcher material is not supported on these cards.

We also made more changes under the hood in the render engine. This is to prepare it for upcoming features. Let us know if you experience any problems.

Changes since 1.02:

  • Tweaks to the new daylight model. The bottom half is not black anymore, which improves the appearance of ambient occlusion.
  • When loading old files or macros from versions that didn't save an index of refraction in glossy material, the index is set to 0 so the glossy reflectance stays more consistent with old Octane versions.
  • Fixed default diffuse color of glossy materials. Diffuse and glossy materials have 0.7 as default diffuse reflectance.
  • Connecting a post processing node doesn't restart the renderer.
  • Added option to invert opacity values from MTL files because some programs write them inverted. Note that the reload button only reloads the geometry, you need to delete the mesh node, change the setting and then import again.
  • Make it possible to display the rendered image without openGL.
  • The reset image position button also restores 1:1 zoom.
  • Fixed display of texture count when there are too many textures.
  • The file dialog starts at the location of the current image when loading a new image in a texture node.
  • Saving a macro in liveDB doesn't pop up a save dialog.
  • Copying and pasting nodes will also duplicate connections coming from other nodes to the copied nodes.
  • Improved performance of selecting and dragging nodes in the node graph editor with large scenes.
  • Reduce the maximum level of expanded nodes in the node inspector if a node with a lot of input pins is encountered, solving freezes when handling large mesh nodes.
  • New command-line switch to specify an ortographic camera.
  • Fixed OBJ loader progress display on 32-bit builds, and show the file name

OctaneRender™ Standalone v1.05 (obsolete)

This release contains some fixes for bugs introduced in the previous release.

NOTE: PMC kernel and material option don't work on GPUs with CUDA compute model < 2.0 (for example the old GTX 2xx).

Changes since 1.04:

  • Fixed GPU crash on changing resolution.
  • Fixed rendering artifact on perfectly smooth glossy materials.
  • Fixed reloading a mesh nodes: the node pins and the rendering are updated properly.
  • Improved white point picking.
  • Hotpixel removal works with post processing.
  • Fixed some small issues with resolution lock.
  • Added spectral effects to post-processing node.

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