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Octane Render 1.01

Daylight render
Вышло первое после релиза тестовое обновление. Среди главных вкусностей постэффекты и серьезная модификация системы дневного света. Позже постараюсь написать подробнее.

Hi all,

This release includes the recently developed features announced earlier on the forum.

There have been major internal changes how data is handled and transferred to the GPUs, because of this some bugs may have been introduced in the render engine (we aren't aware of any).

Octane also has a new OBJ file loader. Loading the OBJ file is faster (voxelizing is still the same though).

This release only supports NVIDIA GPUs with compute capability 2.0 or higher, i.e. Fermi and Kepler GPUs (GeForce series 4xx/5xx/6xx). Compatibility with older Tesla cards (GeForce series 1xx/2xx/3xx/8xxx) is currently broken. We will try to solve the issues in future releases.

We also use now libGLEW version 1.9.0, to solve some issues with the OpenGL display on Intel GPUs. Hopefully it doesn't break other setups.

Changes since 1.00:



  • New faster OBJ file parser.
  • Octane can load transparency values (d or Tr) from MTL files.
  • When vertex normals are calculated by Octane you can specify a maximum smoothing angle.
  • Fix loading of some IES files with would generate negative values.


  • Added log window which can display error messages. Errors don't go to standard output anymore on Linux and Mac OS.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for picker tools.
  • Fix crash when pressing delete after selecting a liveDB macro.
  • Allow picking empty material pins, and highlight the empty pin on the mesh node.
  • If one of the render target inputs missing, the corresponding button on the node inspector will select the empty input pin.
  • Add context menu to the liveDB macro items.
  • Removed priority input pin on medium node.
  • When enabling or disabling GPUs before rendering the render viewport status is updated.
  • Shutting down and disabling GPUs is faster and more stable.
  • Glossy materials have default settings that look better with the current BRDF.
  • Default gamma setting of alpha images is 1.0.
  • Fix dropping files with upper case extensions.

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